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barbeque braai food

“In South Africa, we take our love for Braai very seriously, and it’s more than just a simple barbecue. It’s a time-honoured tradition of gathering with family and friends to create unforgettable memories.

To make your barbeque braai food experience even more special, we offer an all-inclusive package that includes one or more staff members, depending on your requirements, a Gazebo to provide shade and shelter for the food, and serving tables to ensure your food is presented beautifully. Rolls and sauces, so you have everything you need to create your perfect meal.

You can then select your choice of meat to be added to the barbeque braai food package, and we’ll take care of the rest, leaving you with nothing to worry about except enjoying the company of your loved ones and savouring the flavours of a truly authentic South African Braai.”

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minted lamb chops on the grill with rosemary and salt
BBQ Chicken Thighs on the grill. barbeque braai food
BBQ chicken skewers on the grill

FOR larger BARBEQUE BRAAI EVENTS please contact us




  • Please note should you not have a side entrance, or stairs or have any obstruction with your access, we need to add a staff member to your booking to assist the chef in carrying the equipment. This will also apply to the size of the event or menu options being selected
  • Please send photos of the access & location where we will be cooking. Dimension of any entry or door must be sent via WhatsApp or email.
  • We require an open 4 x 4-meter space for our barbeque braai food gazebo and machine.
  • We will arrive and need access to your venue 3-4 hours before serving time, depending on your size menu.
  • A power source is required onsite.
  • We serve food for 1 hour long. Should you require any extension of serving times or should your event be running late this will be charged at the following rates per staff member – up to 30min @ £45 / up to 1 hour @ £70 and to be paid via cash to the staff member.
  • Serving times after 8.00 pm will have a £50 late fee charge per staff member. The charge will be for staff members to find alternative transport once arriving back late from events – to be paid via cash on the day.
  • With the barbeque braai food package, we do not take any leftovers.
  • All leftovers will be placed in dishes provided by the client on the day.
  • The client is responsible for informing us of any food allergies when making a booking with our barbeque braai food package.
  • With the barbeque braai food package, we recommend having our equipment on the grass. Should you require us to roast on any alternative surface, THE CLIENT will need to provide us with a surface cover on arrival and will take on the full liability and responsibility for any damages that might occur during the event.
  • We recommend setting up close to any clear exit point once we finish to avoid any disruption towards your event when leaving.
  • Should we need to set up in your garden with good side access, but you still need us to set up at the rear of the garden or behind a marquee, an assistant will be required to assist the chef carrying the equipment. Failure to notify us before we arrive on the day “with only one staff member” will result in you being charged a fee of £100. This cost will go to the staff member carrying the gear alone. Assistance can’t be given due to our public liability insurance T&C
  • To secure your barbeque braai food package you will be required to pay a deposit of £100.00. This can be paid to us via online banking. Ten days before your event, all arrangements will be confirmed, and the balance payable.
  • We require 21 days’ notice for cancellation of your event. Cancellation after 21 days will forfeit your security deposit.
  • Our machines are PAT-tested
  • We have a 10M public liability in place
  • The barbaque braai food package does generate smoke as we do cook on charcoal
  • £2 per mile applies to 20 miles and more from KT9 or GU35 postcode.
  • The customer is responsible should any of these apply to the location of event parking, congestion, or emissions chargers. These charges will be added to your final balance.
  • Should you not have a driveway, please secure a space for us in front of your property by parking your vehicle or using your bins before arrival. This will avoid any delays or disruption towards your event upon arrival.
  • The London Hog Roast Company Ltd is not responsible for any damage that may unintentionally occur should we need to access any building without outdoor access. The clients agree to take on all responsibility & losses.
  • By paying your deposit, you agree to all the terms and conditions with the barbeque braai food and have been discussed with The London Hog Roast Company Ltd.